‘Clear, Calm And Confident:
How To Change Your Life In 30 Days’
(Paperback + MP3)

“I strongly recommend this book to anyone who really wants to make changes in their life.”
Dr Alison Scott MRCP

‘Clear, Calm And Confident’ was initially inspired through my clinical work with clients, who would often ask me to recommend further reading to help them maintain the positive changes and new understanding they had developed through our therapy sessions together. Possibly due to the cutting-edge nature of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, not much has been written on the subject. So I set about writing a practical, easy to use programme to introduce people to this powerful modern technique and to support those who I had treated in my clinic.

Through gaining an understanding of how the brain works, learning to focus on the positive events in our life, and bringing the sub-conscious and conscious minds into balance through deep relaxation, we begin to take control of our thoughts, our feelings and our actions. ‘Clear, Calm And Confident’ is a solution focused approach to relieving stress, anxiety and depression. A practical programme of daily self-hypnosis, it is a useful introduction to anyone considering Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.

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AMAZON REVIEW: “As the title would suggest, this is a clear, calm and confident exploration of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. The book presents a day by day strategy for self growth and change. Illustrated by extracts from the author`s own cases, the book reinforces the power of repetition and the application of Solution Focused theory and practice in achieving your goals and adopting a more positive mindset. The self hypnosis cd included with the book provides a powerful practical application of the strategies and theory presented in the book. I would highly recommend this to both the lay person with no previous experience of Hypnotherapy, and the practitioner who wants to gain an insight into the powerful combination of Solution Focused therapy and Hypnotherapy.” (Phaedrus)

AMAZON REVIEW: “I practice and teach Solution Focused Hypnotherapy for CPHT Hypnotherapy Training, sometimes Christian is kind enough to speak to our groups of students and he always blows them away with his charismatic capacity to communicate. None of that is lost in this wonderful adaptation of SFH for ‘self help’, and in particular the case histories are positively inspiring. I recommend this to all my students and a good number of clients too, follow its 30 day plan and you can’t fail to feel better about your life.” (Alan Wick HPD DHP MNCH(Reg))

AMAZON REVIEW: “I’ve never been into self-help books but when I saw this I thought I’d give it a go. Everyone wants to be clear, calm and confident! This book is brilliantly written, the 30 day programme is really easy to follow and after only a week I was already feeling different. The CD is very relaxing and comforting and I loved reading the case histories and simple explanations of how the brain works – at last I understood what was going on in my head! I listened to the CD every night and by the end of 30 days I felt like a completely new person – I’d gone from being tired, anxious and depressed about everything to being clear, calm and confident. It’s changed my life. Highly recommended.” (Lucy Hopwood)

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