Bowen In Pregnancy

Bowen Therapy can be invaluable during the childbearing year – for fertility, during pregnancy, delivery, and post-partum. It can be performed with the client either sitting or lying on the side. Treatments are performed through loose clothing.

The very gentle approach of Bowen Therapy makes it ideal for treating newborn babies. Colic, reflux and constipation have all shown a response to Bowen treatments.

During pregnancy, Bowen can help with:

  • morning sickness
  • emotional fluctuations
  • fatigue
  • lower back pain
  • sciatica
  • pelvic discomfort
  • respiratory problems
  • heartburn
  • breech presentation

After delivery, Bowen can help with:

  • pelvis realignment
  • coccyx injury
  • neck and back pain
  • mastitis and lactation problems
  • low energy and fatigue
  • stress and anxiety
  • infant colic
  • infant digestive problems

“I had heard somewhere that “Bowen babies are happy babies” so during the last trimester of my pregnancy I decided to have regular Bowen treatments. The Bowen sorted out any of the physical discomforts that cropped up during the last 3 months (heartburn, sacroiliac pain, insomnia) and gave me an enormous boost of energy, plus a great night’s sleep after each treatment! I continue to see Christian together with my baby, he has been a life-saver – easing newborn colic, winter coughs and colds and teething pains, plus any of the aches and pains I get from lack of sleep or from carrying my baby in a sling all day. Christian has a real gift.” Debs S.

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