Christian Dunham DHP HPD MNCH (Reg.) AfSFH ECBS

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Bowen Therapist, recently relocated from the UK, now based in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia. I also treat hypnotherapy clients around the world via Skype.

I gained my Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy at the renowned Clifton Practice in Bristol, UK. I also hold the nationally accredited Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma – the ‘Gold Standard’ in Hypnotherapy training – awarded through The National Council For Hypnotherapy. I am a member of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and The National Council for Hypnotherapy.

The Bowen Technique is an established physical therapy, widely used in Australia, which treats the muscular-skeletal system and the organic systems in the body. I set up my Bowen clinic in Bath in 2009 after moving to the UK from Australia.

You can read more about my work in these press articles.

I am the author of ‘Clear, Calm And Confident: How To Change Your Life In 30 Days’. Click here to find out more.

“For years I had been visiting a Chiropractor every few months to realign my pelvis as my right hip was an inch higher than the left. To my amazement, Christian permanently fixed the problem in one Bowen treatment so I can now run and swim with full mobility. In addition to this literally measurable success, I have more energy and confidence than ever before. From being sceptical of alternative therapies, I now recommend Christian to all my friends!” Clare D.

“Christian’s hypnotherapy treatment had an incredibly powerful and beneficial effect on me. I tried it in the hope that it might help me deal with some old emotions which I felt were consuming energy and making me feel low and tired. His method is practical and outcome focused which I liked. It seemed to change how I felt and how I reacted to what was happening in my life. By the end I felt more positive and energetic, less anxious and significantly happier.” Margaret P.

Christian Dunham DHP HPD MNCH (Reg.) AfSFH ECBS Phone: +61 (0)448 303013 Email: christian[at]