Skype Hypnotherapy

My clinic is based in the city of Bath, but I treat hypnotherapy clients in the USA, Europe and across the UK via Skype.

Clients book their Skype hypnotherapy sessions with me by email or phone. I offer a free initial consultation to discuss how I could help you, then subsequent sessions are booked and paid for in advance via Paypal.

What you will need

- access to high-speed internet
- webcam
- headset with microphone
- Skype


- Free initial consultation (up to an hour)
- £60 per Skype session (payable in advance via Paypal) - 50 mins

Paypal will convert this fee to your currency at the current exchange rate.


Is Skype hypnotherapy safe?
Yes. Hypnotherapy via Skype is absolutely safe. During a session we use guided relaxation and visualisation techniques. Hypnosis is simply a natural state of deep relaxation, where the powerful sub-conscious mind is open to beneficial suggestions. You remain conscious at all times and in control of everything you say and do.

What if the connection drops out?
You will be given a suggestion at the beginning of the session that in the event of connection failure, you will simply reconnect and then return to the same comfortable, relaxed state that you were in.

Do I need a Paypal account?
No. You don't need a Paypal account, just a debit or credit card. Once you've had your free initial consultation and we've booked a time for your next Skype session, simply click on the Paypal button below to make your payment and confirm your appointment.
I will then email you confirmation.

What's the cost?

I offer a free initial consultation to discuss how I could help you, then for each subsequent Skype hypnotherapy session I charge £60.


To book your free initial Skype consultation or if you have any questions about Skype hypnotherapy, please email me at christian[at] or call +44 (0)7910 332393.