What can Solution Focused Hypnotherapy help with?

Here are some of the conditions it can help (though this is by no means an exhaustive list):

- anxiety
- stress
- depression
- low self-esteem
- lack of self-confidence
- insomnia
- anger management
- specific phobias (eg. fear of flying, lifts, driving, spiders etc.)
- panic attacks
- weight management
- stop smoking
- sports performance enhancement
- academic performance enhancement
- stage/public speaking performance anxiety

How many sessions will it take?

The number of sessions required will depend on the treatment you need. We will discuss this at your free initial consultation. But to give you an example, most phobias are resolved in 3-4 sessions, Stop Smoking therapy is one session of 1½-2 hours.

What is hypnosis or trance?

Hypnosis or the Trance State is a state of deep relaxation. In this deeply relaxed state both the conscious mind and sub-conscious mind come into balance and are focused on the same positive suggestions and visualisations. Hypnosis is a very positive natural state that we go in and out of many times a day. When we are driving, exercising or reading a book we are experiencing trance.

Is hypnotherapy like stage hypnosis?

No, not at all. Hypnotherapy is a very relaxing and comfortable experience in a safe environment where we are aware of the sounds around us and we are in complete control of everything we say and do.

Is hypnotherapy a magic wand?

No. All therapy is a co-operative interaction between Therapist and Client.
Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works quickly and effectively when it is approached with commitment to making changes.

Is hypnotherapy safe?

There are no contra-indicators for hypnotherapy… that means yes, it is completely safe.

Do you offer online hypnotherapy?

Yes. I treat clients in the USA, Europe, Australia and across the UK via Skype. Click here for more information about Skype hypnotherapy sessions.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call me on 07910 332393 or email christian@christiandunham.net. I offer a free initial consultation so that we can discuss your particular situation and how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy might be able to help you.  You can then decide if it is the right therapy for you.